Duluth Skyline Parkway

A winding scenic drive along the hillside of Duluth, showcasing the city from end to end with spectacular views of Lake Superior and the St. Louis River Bay.

Historic and iconic, the 25-mile Skyline Parkway Scenic Byway is one of the best ways to experience the port city of Duluth as a whole. It connects the western reaches of the city to its eastern counterparts at a birds’-eye view. The idea of this parkway system started in the late 1800s with a grand vision to build a short section of road along Lake Superior’s ridge to view the city and harbor from above. In time, the vision of the parkway expanded with the city, leading it to snake along Duluth’s hillside at impressive lengths. This amazing drive offers roads twisted with peaks and creeks on either end and rewarding views of Duluth’s harbor and shoreline of Lake Superior at its center. Pull-offs, trails, and parks along the byway provide opportunities to stretch your legs and learn about the area with interpretative signage.

Ready to roll? Print your map of the Byway here.

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